James Morgan

Document Type

Final Class Paper

Publication Date

Spring 5-1-2018


esports, sports, VR, games, video


Sports have been around since the dawn of mankind and civilizations throughout the years have evolved sports into huge events with many spectators. Because of this, it makes sense that the rise of technology and video games has also brought out a competitive scene: electronic sports, or esports for short. As long as esports have been around, people have questioned the validity of the name and whether these video game competitions are actually sports. Society generally sees avid video game players as being lazy and overweight adults or children with too much time on their hands. They associate esports athletes with this same view and assume that just because esports aren’t as physically exerting, they shouldn’t be considered actual sports. Based on the formal definition, esports are considered sports and with the breakthroughs in technology, future developments will allow esports to be even more aligned with society’s traditional view of sports.