James Morgan

Document Type

Final Class Paper

Publication Date

Spring 5-14-2020


Mental Health, Video Games, Education, Political Games, Benefits Of Playing Video Games


In modern society, the act of playing games entices certain prejudices towards those who decide to participate in such activities. Those prejudices normally revolve around negative stereotypes where games are meant for non-social adults and are seen as something akin to addiction if gone too far. But how much gaming is needed to be considered as an addiction and what actual effects does it have on mental growth, social capabilities and academics? As a community revolving around technology as much as we are, understanding how video games play a role in our social space is an important aspect to growth. We can also think about gaming in a positive light, where it is used for education, accessibility, and even in politics. Understanding the the different types of gamers and all the factors that are involved when identifying a negative gaming addiction as opposed to a healthy gaming experience is important to advancing research into the effects of video games.