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September 2010

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4th International Workshop on Personalized Access, Profile Management, and Context Awareness in Databases


The last few years we witnessed an impressive growth in social networks and in applications that add value to their amassed information. At the same time, the continuing expansion of mobile platforms and applications (e.g. iPhone), combined with the overwhelming supply of information and services, makes effective personalization and context-awareness much required features. One may consider "personal" and "social" data management as comprising two distinct directions with conflicting characteristics. However, it can be argued that they complement each other and that in future applications they will ultimately converge. This "personal vs. social" predicament presents a number of interesting topics that will be explored by the panel:How the "social" and "personal" aspects interact? Where do they facilitate each other and where do they conflict with each other?How social and individual preferences interrelate?Social vs. personal recommender systems: accuracy, acceptance, contribution, context-awarenessSocial networking vs. personal privacy: are they polar opposites?Social vs. individual trust: how different models of trust influence each other?How collective intelligence (e.g. collaborative tagging, collaborative filtering) can be exploited in personal systems?What are specific applications areas (e.g. e-learning?) where the convergence of "social" and "personal" is most needed and could be best applied?