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April 2018

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American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting


Curriculum Design and Evaluation, Social Justice, Teacher Education - Pre-Service


Curriculum and Social Inquiry | Teacher Education and Professional Development


This qualitative case study describes the outcomes of a major reorganization of a well-established five semester post-baccalaureate combined credential/MA program into a three semester program. The original program focused squarely on social justice and multicultural awareness; reorganization was driven entirely by external forces, many of which the department faculty viewed as anathema to our larger purposes as educators that are based on deficit-models of diversity, ignore relational aspects of teaching, and are at the heart of efforts to privatize teacher education. Reorganization involved heavy reliance on “touchstone texts,” immersive field experiences, and student action-inquiry centered on making theory to practice connections. We report outcomes that are decidedly mixed, and outline plans for further redesign.


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