Acrivos, Juana Luisa Adolfina Vivó y Azpeitia (married Andreas Acrivos 1956)


Acrivos, Juana Luisa Adolfina Vivó y Azpeitia (married Andreas Acrivos 1956)

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Professor Emerita

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Educational Background

UC Berkeley Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Postdoctoral Fellow 1962

Stanford University, Postdoctoral Fellow 1960

University of Minnesota, 1956 Ph.D.

Universidad de La Habana, 1951 D.Sc.

Instituto del Vedado #2 La Habana, Cuba, 1946 Dual Bachiller en Artes y Ciencias

Teaching Experience

University of Minnesota, Summer 1961

San José State University: 1962-2000.

Visiting Scientist, Stanford University 1974

UC Berkeley NSF Woman Professor Chemical Biodynamics, 1987-1988

Cavendish Laboratory, Research Advisor Cambridge University Spring 1984

Ph.D. Research Advisor during 5 SJSU Sabbatical leaves at Cavendish Laboratory 1970 to 2000.

Visiting Scientist: IRC for Superconductivity, Cavendish Laboratory Cambridge University, 2000; Stanford University 1971-1975 and 1980-1987.

Cambridge University V Fellow Commoner: Trinity College 1983-1984; Lucy Cavendish 1990-191.

Kavli Royal Society of London “New Chemistry of the elements” Chichester Hall, Oxford, 2014.

Former Soviet Russia Scientists, CRDF Senior Research Advisor 2001 to present.

Professional PI for Research: over 100 SJSU Students, and help start SJSU faculty research:

PI: Research Corporation, 1964 to build 1st SJSU esr magnetic resonance laboratory

PI: National Science Foundation NSF for SJSU Research: 1st: GP-6243 to NSF DMR-93072387

PI: DOE Stanford Synchrotron Research Laboratory-SLAC Proposals 1978 -2015 (3640)

PI: NATO Advanced Study Institute Cambridge University 1983

PI: William M Keck Grant for SJSU chemistry faculty research instrumentation, 1984

PI: C and H Dreyfus Foundation Awards Research with SJSU Undergraduates 2000 to 2015


NATO: Director Advanced Study Institute

SJSU: Mentor minorities; Promotion Committee Chair;

Meeting Convener for Cambridge University

Referee for scientific proposals to NSF, NIH, DOE and scientific journal Solid State Chemistry.

Selected Publications

Physics and Chemistry of electrons and ions in Condensed Matter”, by J.V. Acrivos, NF. Mott and A,D, Yoffe D.Reidel, Dordrecht (1983). The others are available in the www.

Personal Commentary

The selected publication trained a new generation of famous scientists. On July 01 2020, still doing research am happy to respond to colleagues and students’ requests .

Transitions to Retirement Project Interviews

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Acrivos, Juana Luisa Adolfina Vivó y Azpeitia (married Andreas Acrivos 1956)