Malloy, Suzanne ( Sue)


Malloy, Suzanne ( Sue)

Date Updated



Nursing (TVFSON)/College of Health and Human Sciences ( CHHS)

Academic Rank


Year Retired from SJSU

2019 (FERP)

Educational Background

Nova University (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida),Higher Education, 1993 Ed.D.

University of Nebraska, College of Nursing (Omaha, Nebraska), Nursing (MSN)- (Teaching Subspecialty and Med-Surg. Clinical Nurse Specialist), 1981 M.S.

University of Utah, (SLC, UT), Nursing,1979 B.S.

St. Joseph’s School of Nursing Diploma RN

Dissertation Title

Malloy, S.E. (August, 1990). Students’ Attitudes Towards Caring for AIDS Patients ( citation in ERIC # 334 899 , Sept. 1990).

Teaching Experience

The Valley Foundation School of Nursing (TVFSON), San Jose State University, San Jose 1981- 2019. Taught over 43 courses- largely undergraduate and some graduate courses (Nurse Educator option).

  • Professor: Fall 2001- Aug. 2019; FERP (early partial retirement) @ 50% in Aug 2019 – present ( 2023)
  • Asst./ Assoc. Professor, School of Nursing, 1989-2001
  • Instructor, Department of Nursing, San Jose State University, 1981-1989.

Military Leave: Fall 1990 -Spring 1991

Administrative and Professional Experience

Undergraduate Coordinator (2006 – 2020/2021) current in FERP status

Assistant Director of TVFSON Program- Fall 2010, Fall 2011, Spr. 2012, Spr. 2013

Interim Director, May-June 2013; Supervision of BSN, MS and DNP programs as “Interim Director” for the School of Nursing

Betty Moore Foundation Grant, “Promoting an accelerated BS curriculum” project coordinator for undergraduate program, for 27% release time during academic year, and release time for summers (FYI: 2006 Moore Grant extended past Dec. 2009, to augment additional undergraduate admissions (through August 2012) - 2.3 million dollar grant to the School of Nursing, for undergraduate part of grant

Retired Capt. /US Navy Nurse Corps/ 1970- 1996.


University Committees:

  • Academic Senate (F1999-Spr 2001; 2001-2002)
  • Academic Senate Executive Committee (F 2000 / Spr 2001/ F 2001/Spr 2002)
  • Academic Senate Budget Advisory Committee for SJSU (F 2000/Spr & F 2001/ Spr 2002)
  • Academic Senate Instruction and Student Affairs Committee
  • (F 2000 / Spr 2001-Chair ) (Member F 1998-F 2000)
  • Community Advisory Committee for Disabilities Resources Group (F 1998-Spr & F 2001; Fall 2002 –Fall 2009)
  • DRC Accommodations Review Board (F 1998-Sp 2001/ F 2001-Spr 2002)
  • Search Committee for the Dean of Continuing Education (F 1995-Spr 1996)
  • Innovations for Teaching & Learning (F 1993- Spr 1995)
  • Affirmative Action Committee (Sp 1990-F 1992)

Numerous College and dept committees over 40 yrs, Including RTP

Selected Publications

  • Rauch, L.& Malloy, S.E. (May 2020). Home hospitals: Maximizing nursing student clinical placements. Journal of Nursing Education. 59(5) (JNE-2019-495R2), 269-273.
  • DeNatale, M.L. & Malloy, S.E. (Nov/Dec 2012). Nurse educators' use of position statements in teaching best practices. Nursing Education Perspectives. 33(6) 378-380.
  • Stuenkel, D., Nelson, D., Malloy, S., & Cohen, J. (2011). Challenges, changes, and collaboration: Evaluation of an accelerated BSN program. Nurse Educator. 36(2). March – April 70-75.
  • Sproul, J., Malloy, S., & Abriam-Yago, K. (2009). Perceived sources of support of adult burn survivors. Journal of Burn Care and Research, 30(6), 975-982.
  • DeNatale, M.L. & Malloy, S.E. edit: Billings, D. (book chapter “Critical Thinking and Technology”, published in a text developed for staff educators, entitled Conversation in E-Learning by POHL publishers; Invited to participate – public. March 2003 (Peer-reviewed). Chapter 8.
  • Malloy, S.E. & M.L.DeNatale. (2001). “On-Line Critical Thinking: A Case Study Analysis to Prepare BSN Graduates.” - Nurse Educator Journal, July August 2001, 187-197. Article (Peer-reviewed)
  • Malloy, S.E. (1994). AIDS content in BSN nursing curricula: A review of the literature. JANAC - Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care. 5(3), 22-32.

Personal Commentary

A great deal changed with the University and expectations of tenured faculty over the 40 yrs. The campus changed considerably and I saw many treasured colleagues go on to retire and leave before me. Now it is my turn, to ease into retirement. I have lots of vast experiences and many fond memories of students and faculty alike.


Malloy, Suzanne ( Sue)