Branz, Stephen


Branz, Stephen

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Academic Rank

Professor of Chemistry Emeritus & former Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Year Retired from SJSU

August 2016; FERP through December 2019

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Educational Background

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Organic Chemistry, 1978 Ph.D.

Brandeis University, Chemistry, 1973 B.A

Syntex Corporation, Postdoctoral Research, 1980-1981

University College (London), Postdoctoral Research / Temporary Lecturer, 1978-80

Teaching Experience

San José State University, Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, January 2020- present –

San José State University, Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP), 2016-2019

Stanford University, Visiting Professor of Chemistry, Summers 1993-2006

University of Wisconsin (Madison), Visiting Professor of Chemistry (sabbatical), Fall 1995

San José State University, Professor of Chemistry, 1992-2016

Dartmouth College, Visiting Associate Professor of Chemistry (sabbatical), 1987-1988

San José State University, Associate Professor of Chemistry, 1986-1992

San José State University, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1981-1986

University College (London) , Temporary Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1979-80

Administrative and Professional Experience

San José State University, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies, 2008-2016

San José State University, Associate Dean, College of Science, 2007-2008

San José State University, Acting Associate Dean, College of Science, 2005-2006


Member, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

Member, (National) Executive Committee for ChemLinks, an NSF funded coalition , 1995-2000

Member, writing/editorial team for ACS GenChem project that wrote and field-tested a new American Chemical Society (ACS) textbook for general chemistry, 1997-2003

Member, 2002 Organic Exam Committee of the ACS Exams Institute, 2000-2002

Member, 2004 Organic Exam Committee of the ACS Exams Institute, 2003-2004

Chair, 2008 Organic Exam Committee of the ACS Exams Institute, 2006-2008

SJSU – Institute of Teaching and Learning (ITL) Teacher Scholar, 2000-2001

Peer Reviewer for the Journal of Organic Chemistry, the Journal of Chemical Education, Organic Preparations and Procedures International, and several granting agencies and textbook publishers

Selected Publications


(1) Bell, Jerry A. Chemistry: a project of the American Chemical Society, W.H. Freeman and Company, 2004. [member of 12-person Editorial/Writing Team; Jerry Bell was the Chief Editor/Writer]


(1) J.E. Baldwin, S.E. Branz, R.F. Gomez, P.L. Kraft, A.J. Sinsky, and S.R. Tannenbaum, “Chemical Activation of Nitrosamines into Mutagenic Agents,” Tetrahedron Lett. 1976, 333.

(2) S.R. Tannenbaum, P.L. Kraft, J.E. Baldwin, and S.E. Branz, “The Mutagenicity of Methylbenzylnitrosamine and Its a-Acetoxy Derivatives,” Cancer Lett. 1977, 2, 305.

(3) J.E. Baldwin, S.E. Branz, and J.A. Walker, “Radical Nature of the [1,3] Sigmatropic Rearrangements of Electron-Rich Olefins,” J. Org. Chem. 1977, 42, 4142.

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(7) S.E. Branz and J.A. Carr, “The Synthesis of 10,10-Disubstituted Anthrones via the Rearrangements of 9-Anthryl Ethers,” Synth. Commun. 1986, 16, 441.

(8) G.W. Gribble, D.J. Keavy, S.E. Branz, W.J. Kelly, and M.A. Pals, “Unexpected Regioselective Diels-Alder Cycloaddition Reactions Between 3-Fluorobenzyne and 2-Alkylfurans,” Tetrahedron Lett. 1988, 29, 6227.

(9) S.E. Branz, K. Jin, Y. Liu, and T.N. Dao, “New and Renewed Syntheses of 10-Phenylanthrone and 10-Hydroxy-10-phenylanthrone,” Org. Prep. Proced. Int. 1992, 24, 129.

(10) S.E. Branz, T.C. Duvall, V.C. Eberly, J.C. Gonzalez, and J.J. Juliette, “The Synthesis of 9-Allyloxyanthracene and 9-Methoxy-10-phenylanthracene,” Microchemical J. 1993, 47, 24.

(11) S.E. Branz, R.G. Meile, R.K. Okuda, and D.A. Straus, “Microscale Preparation and COSY Analysis of an Unknown Ester: An Introductory 2D-NMR Experiment,” J. Chem. Educ. 1995, 72, 659.

(12) S.E. Branz, “Conceptual Shells in the Teaching of Organic Chemistry” CHED Newsletter, Spring 1996.

(13) Book Review: S.E. Branz, “A Primer to Mechanism in Organic Chemistry” by P. Sykes, J. Chem. Educ. 1996, 73, A313.

(14) C.R. Landis, G.E. Peace, M.A. Scharberg, S.E. Branz, J.N. Spencer, R.W. Ricci, S.A. Zumdahl, D. Shaw, “The New Traditions Consortium: Shifting from a Faculty-Centered Paradigm to a Student-Centered Paradigm” J. Chem. Educ. 1998, 75, 741.

(15) J.P. Parakka, R.R. Schumaker, J.D. Thoburn, B.S. Kesler, and S.E. Branz, “Optical Switching in Chiropticenes,” Annals of the NY Academy of Sciences 2003, 1006, 94-103.


Branz, Stephen