Publication Date

Summer 2022

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)




Jason Laker


Critical Race Theory, Deaf Education, Deafness, Indigenous Research Methodology, Latine, Latinx, Relational Accountability, Special Education, Storywork

Subject Areas

Educational leadership


In order to challenge the dominant and deficit perspectives in deaf education, this study utilized a Critical Race Theory framework to examine Latine families with Deaf children as they are portrayed in literature across areas of policy, research, and practice. Through qualitative semi-structured interviews, this research project invited nine adult Latine family members with Deaf children to share their lived experiences with having a Deaf child as part of the family and within a California school. To center the experiences of Latine families with Deaf children as visible, legitimate and necessary constituents of their children’s educational journeys, this research required a decolonial approach which incorporated Indigenous Research Methodologies and frameworks such as that of Storywork and Relational Accountability. Given the opportunity to learn about and from Latine families with Deaf children can inform deaf education practitioners, researchers, and policy makers toward a more equitable and socially just approach in the overall praxis of deaf education.