Publication Date

Summer 2022

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)




Rebeca Burciaga

Subject Areas

Educational leadership


This grounded theory, constant comparative method study provides a Critical Race Institutional Logics Perspective account of Latina teacher sensemaking of distance learning. Distance learning—while not a particularly new school initiative, school reform effort, or organizational change—brought forth an organizational change that unmasked racist systems and deficit policy models perpetuating persistent, pervasive, disproportionate, low academic achievement for Latinx students. This study looked at how Latina teachers made sense of and enacted distance learning from their own personal values, beliefs, perceptions, and or impressions. Particularly, this study analyzed the role of race and its effects in shaping Latina teacher practice through these perceptions. This study argues that the incongruence between policy and lived experience is not strictly an organizational question, but an epistemological question that is best addressed through a critical analysis of Latina teacher sensemaking, particularly how such sensemaking was shaped by impressions and perceptions of race.