Publication Date

Spring 2017

Degree Type

Doctoral Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



First Advisor

Colleen O’Leary-Kelley

Second Advisor

Deepika Goyal

Third Advisor

Angelica Almonte


New graduate, Stress, Exercise


Stress in new graduate nurses has been a known issue in nursing for decades. The number of new graduate nurse turnover rates has reached up to 50% within the first three years of practice, according to some studies. Most new graduate nurses who choose to leave their job, or even the profession, cite stress as a major factor.

Methods: Single point correlation survey of new graduate BSN students in Southern California (n=32).

Results: Initial results showed a statistically significant difference between those who exercised three to five hours per week, versus though who exercised more than five hours per week. However, this difference was not seen on the final analysis. All but 3 of the respondents reported that their shift schedule impacted their desired exercise routine.

Recommendations: Stress, and ways to mitigate it, in new graduate nurses remains a priority to address in new graduate nurses. Education on factors that can mitigate stress, such as exercise, may be beneficial, but expectations for their work-life balance also need to be addressed with new graduate nurses.

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Other Nursing Commons


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