Publication Date

Spring 2013

Degree Type

Master's Project

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science


Since the advent of online education in 1994 by CALCampus , many improvements have been made for effectiveness of e-learning. Video/audio conferencing, synchronous education system and many such advances in multimedia communication have made this system more popular among the masses. However with many online education websites, competing to make the same course, it’s important for user to find course structure of his interest. What makes even more challenging for a learner is, to decide how good will be the learning from a course provided by a particular site. For example open online course sites like,, etc provide similar types of course but the course structure and outcome of the courses are different. Hence it is imperative to integrate such information, in order to get more relevance of similar courses. What gives more advantage is, if a student can find similar courses offered by his university on massive open online course websites. This will surely provide a student more details about the course apart from his college curriculum, making his learning experience more unique. So the objective of this project is, to gather semi-structured and unstructured data from MOOC (massive open online course) websites. Perform similarity check among the courses from these websites and provide likeness between the courses provided by the university and by the MOOC websites on mobile.