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Master's Project

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Master of Science (MS)




Are you in a relationship in which you're being abused? That is not an easy question to answer or ask. Identification of those who are victims of domestic violence is important to prevent further abuse and injury. The purpose of this non-experimental study was to determine barriers of Emergency Department Registered Nurses screening patients for domestic violence. 33 ED RNs completed a short anonymous questionnaire that was developed by Dr. Mary Lou Moore, Wake Forrest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The most significant barriers to screening identified, were the lack of education on how to ask questions about abuse, language barriers, a personal or familial history of abuse, time issues, and the lack of training to deal with the problem of abuse. Emergency Departments should assess the education and training needs of staff to increase accurate identification of those at risk and in need of resources and protection. Results of this study may be integrated into domestic violence training curriculum.