Sharing for Health: A Study of Chinese Adolescents’ Experiences and Perspectives on Using Social Network Sites to Share Health Information

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Public Health and Recreation


Public Health Education and Promotion | Social Media

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Journal of Transcultural Nursing


Purpose: This exploratory qualitative study examines Chinese adolescents’ health information sharing habits on social network sites. Method: Ten focus group meetings with 76 adolescents, ages 12 to 17 years, were conducted at community-based organizations in Chicago’s Chinatown. The research team transcribed the recording and analyzed the transcripts using ATLAS.ti. Results: Chinese adolescents are using different social network sites for various topics of health information including food, physical activity, and so on. Adolescents would share useful and/or interesting health information. Many adolescents raised credibility concerns regarding health information and suggested evaluating the information based on self-experience or intuition, word-of-mouth, or information online. Conclusion: The findings shed lights on future intervention using social network sites to promote health among Chinese adolescents in the United States. Implications for Practice: Future interventions should provide adolescents with interesting and culturally sensitive health information and educate them to critically evaluate health information on social network sites.


adolescents, community health, focus group analysis, Internet and health


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