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Mathematics and Statistics

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Proceedings of the 40th annual meeting of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education

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Greenville, SC


Thomas E. Hodges, George J. Roy, Andrew M. Tyminski

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A student’s attitude towards mathematics affects how they learn and perform in mathematics. What exactly is meant by attitude and how this interacts with mathematics education is a current debate in the mathematics education research community. Regardless, practitioners often acknowledge a consideration of improving students’ attitudes towards mathematics in their course design. This creates an impetus to study attitudes towards mathematics in a way that lends itself to observing changes over a course in mathematics. The current study draws on two approaches to observing and measuring attitudes towards mathematics in an effort to contrast disparate approaches and deepen an investigation of students’ changes in attitudes. Results indicate there is no superior approach; that the multi-dimensional nature of attitude defies a succinct description, but methods exist to allow us to get a handle on this construct, nonetheless.


Attitudes towards mathematics, undergraduate mathematics education


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