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January 2007

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AIDS Education and Prevention


Medicine and Health Sciences | Public Health


The article presents research based on narratives by gay and bisexual men recently infected with HIV. Researchers looked at the men's attributions of responsibility for infection, comparing recollections of feelings before becoming infected with views expressed after seroconversion. The research responds to a call to better understand risk behavior among HIV-positive persons, in an effort to craft effective prevention interventions. In both before-and after-HIV infection views, survey participants expressed a sense of personal responsibility. Researchers report also nuances of views about shared responsibility.


Responsibility for HIV Prevention: Patterns of Attribution Among HIV-seropositive Gay and Bisexual Men, Offer, C., Grinstead, O, Goldstein, E., Mamary, E., Alvarado, N., Euren, J. & Woods, W., 2007. Copyright Guilford Press. Reprinted with permission of The Guilford Press.

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