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You can apply for up to $10,000 in grant funds to support a project addressing a social justice, racial equity, and/or cultural learning goal that is based upon linguistic/language awareness, knowledge, and action. First, please think about communities and institutions that you're familiar with. You can propose a topic addressing an issue that you perceive in one of these:

  • Your hometown and/or San José or another city/town close by
  • A public institution/organization in one of these places
  • A company or work environment you're familiar with
  • A general or particular organization or administrative area of SJSU
  • Another school you're very familiar with
  • A social media app, game, or other online community that you and people you know are significantly involved with
  • Another community/organization you are very familiar with

Then, in order to decide on a proposal topic, please review this semester's readings, discussion posts, and our class discussions on Canvas. When you have decided upon a topic, please develop a proposal of 900-1500 words total. Alternatively, you can create a video/multimedia presentation of 4-6 minutes (spoken narration and visuals).

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Fall 2021


Linguistics 129: Culture, Language, and Ethnicity in the U.S.


Linguistics and Language Development


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Final Project: “<em>Language as a Tool for Social Justice, Racial Equity, and Cultural Learning</em>” Grant Proposal