This article addresses the research question of how contemporary school librarians can best surmount the challenges of limited funding and high expectations. The author argues that in order to provide effective information literacy instruction, school librarians should increase collaboration with academic librarians. A review of the literature identifies numerous articles describing individual collaborations and lamenting information literacy skills gaps among college students. This article intends to serve as a call to action to school and academic librarians. This literature review explores the context for collaboration in libraries, discusses examples of school library collaborations, and examines the implications of various aspects of collaboration.

About Author

Samantha Godbey graduated from San Jose State University with her teacher librarian credential and MLIS in May 2012. She also has a single subject teaching credential and M.A. in Education from UC Berkeley. Her research interests include information literacy instruction and reference in school and academic libraries. As of December 2012, she is Education Liaison Librarian at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.