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January 2014

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Reference & User Services Quarterly


A review of the book Metaliteracy: Reinventing Information Literacy to Empower Learners, by Thomas P. Mackey and Trudi E. Jacobson. Transliteracy, visual literacy, media literacy, digital literacy, mobile literacy—there has been a struggle for years to define how technology changes the way people understand and use information. For academic librarians, information literacy has been the approach of choice. In one-shot sessions and semester-long courses, we teach students how to determine what information is needed and how to find it, evaluate it, and use it ethically. In Metaliteracy, the authors argue that information literacy as a concept needs to be updated because it does not reflect the effects that social media and open learning have had on students and their interactions with information.


This book review was originally published in Reference & User Services Quarterly, volume 54, issue 2, 2014. It is also available online at this link.
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