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ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition




Mechanical Engineering


In this maker project, we redesigned a hardware tool that is primarily used by linemen working in power companies. At the top of the posts where they work, it is essential to have easily accessible and easy-to-use tools with firm grip. With the use of a multi-purpose product that combines the functionalities of many other common tools, the handling of the tools can be made easy. This maker project is conducted as a case study for a larger research study where the investigators developed a new set of guidelines for the development of multi-purpose products. Though multi-purpose products are very common, no formal method is available for their development. Many of them fail in the market as they do not satisfy the requirements and expectations of customers. In this case study, we choose a product that is not successful in the market and redesign it using a systematic design procedure. In the redesign, the opinions of the actual users of the product – the linemen- are also accounted for. Currently we are prototyping the redesigned product. During the demonstration, we intend to show the final prototype and the original product along with the procedure associated with the redesign.


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