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January 2014

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Issues in Information Systems

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Environmental Scanning, Deer Management, Decision Support, Internet Search


Management Information Systems


Using freely available internet search tools for environmental scanning, information related to deer management was collected, categorized, and evaluated with the goal of providing public decision support. Key issues raised in the public debate discovered by the search are addressed with relevant information formatted as output for a decision support system – dashboard elements. A graph addresses contradictory reports about the current direction of the deer population; the trend since 2006 appears to be down. Another graph illustrates the approximate longterm population trend; the current U.S. white-tailed deer population is about the same as in 1500. A table summarizes profiles of state deer issues and strategies. Only eleven states are trying to reduce their deer population. A graph illustrates the rise and fall of the California population, the most dramatic population decline in the U.S. over the past 100 years. Hunting pressure and herd demographic management are found to be related to the decline, making these candidate variables for attention in the decision support system. This case application is designed to illustrate methods the author has learned in creating a variety of decision support applications for technology companies.