In June 2001, the Mineta Transportation Institute joined several schools nationwide, as well as authorities in transportation, to discuss sustainable transportation. The purpose was to expose children to the opportunities available in transportation-related careers and to discuss utilizing natural resources to develop alternatives to current modes of transportation. Each school presented a short project on sustainable transportation. The keynote speaker was Secretary Norman Mineta. The moderators were Rod Diridon and Trixie Johnson from MTI. The organizer of the event was Dr. D.K. Kung, Professor at San José State University. Participating in the event were: Secretary Norman Mineta, Secretary of Transportation, United States; Steve Hemminger, Executive Director of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission; Kevin Hyland, New York City Transit; Pete Cipolla, General Manager, Valley Transportation Authority; Bill Millar, President, American Public Transit Association; Ross Carney, Community Relations Manager, Hampton Roads Transit; students and teachers at Garnett Patterson Middle School,Washington, D.C.; students and teachers at Meadows Elementary School, San Jose, CA; students and teachers at Ruffner Middle School, Norfolk, VA; and students and teachers at Brett Harte Middle School, Oakland, CA.

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Sustainable Transportation (Garrett Morgan Education Program)

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Budgeting; Rail transit; Rapid transit; Regional railroads; symposia