Do pedestrians and cyclists need their own app? Pedestrians and cyclists in Fresno county think so, and this research examined this need and how it relates to the importance of app design. Survey participants (all who regularly use active transportation modes) along with a variety of transportation stakeholders, including the Fresno Council of Government, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District 6, and the City of Fresno — Public Works Department, indicated the importance of designing effective communication tools to enhance the utilization of active transportation modes and to ensure the safety of vulnerable road users. In this study, over 70% of the 180 survey participants expressed that having a mobile app specifically for active transportation (walking or biking) is at least moderately important to them. This research explored app users’ engagement, enjoyment, and likelihood to purchase and recommend the app. Results indicated that safety information, weather conditions, a guide to trails, events for walkers and bikers, and promotional offers were the most important features for the targeted audience, who indicated a significant likelihood to use each of these features. With users indicating they would pay US$2.38 to purchase the app, this research suggests that there is a need to develop an application for active road users in Fresno County and, likely, in other areas as well.

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Transportation Technology

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Transportation Safety, Vulnerable Road Users, Transportation Modes, Communication, Mobile Applications


Software Engineering | Transportation