This research empirically investigates the need for, and the effective design and content of, a proposed mobile application that is targeted at pedestrians and cyclists in Fresno County. The differential effect of the proposed mobile app name and colors on the target audience opinions was examined. Further, app content and features were evaluated for importance and the likelihood of use. This included design appeal, attractiveness, relevance, ease of navigation, usefulness of functions, personalization and customization, message recipients’ attitudes towards message framing, and intended behaviors related to pedestrian, cyclist, and motorist traffic safety practices. Design mobile application features tested included image aesthetics, coherence and organization, and memorability and distinction. Potential engagement with the mobile app was assessed via measuring the users’ perceived enjoyment while using the app. The behavioral intentions to adopt the app and likelihood to recommend the app were assessed. The willingness to pay for purchasing the app was measured. This research provided evidence that a mobile application designed for pedestrians and cyclists is needed, with high intentions for its adoption. Functions, such as Safety Information, Weather Conditions, Guide to Trails, Events for Walkers and Bikers, and Promotional Offers are deemed important by the target population. This research was conducted in an effort to increase active transportation mode utilization and to enhance the safety of vulnerable road users. The public, city administrators, transportation authorities, and policy makers shall benefit from the results of this study by adapting the design and the features that are proposed in this research and were found appealing and useful for the target vulnerable road user groups. The need of the proposed mobile application and its main functions are established, based on the results of this research, which propagates further steps of implementation by city administrators and transportation authorities.

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Transportation Technology

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MTI Project



Transportation Safety, Vulnerable Road Users, Transportation Modes, Communication, Mobile Applications


Software Engineering | Transportation