This research focuses on designing and developing a smart robot to assist pedestrians with road crossings. Pedestrian safety is a major concern, as highlighted by the high annual rates of fatalities and injuries. In 2020, the United States recorded 6,516 pedestrian fatalities and approximately 55,000 injuries, with children under 16 being especially vulnerable. This project aims to address this need by offering an innovative solution that prioritizes real-time detection and intelligent decision-making at intersections. Unlike existing studies that rely on traffic light infrastructure, our approach accurately identifies both vehicles and pedestrians at intersections, creating a comprehensive safety system. Our strategy involves implementing advanced Machine Learning (ML) algorithms for real-time detection of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. These algorithms, executed in Python, leverage data from LiDAR and video cameras to assess road conditions and guide pedestrians and cyclists safely through intersections. The smart robot, powered by ML insights, will make intelligent decisions to ensure a safer and more secure road crossing experience for pedestrians and cyclists. This project is a pioneering effort in holistic pedestrian safety, ensuring robust detection capabilities and intelligent decision-making.

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Active Transportation, Transportation Technology

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MTI Project



Smart robot, Pedestrian detection, Smart traffic light, Safe road crossing, Vehicle detection


Computer Engineering | Robotics | Transportation | Urban Studies