Transportation is a critical infrastructure, and K–12 students benefit from understanding the industry and how it impacts their lives. This comprehensive report investigates the landscape of transportation education via the lens of the Madera Unified School District's afterschool programs, thus highlighting its crucial role in shaping the futures of students and, consequently, society. It further explores the substantial enhancements in learning, career readiness, and societal awareness that can be achieved through the strategic incorporation of transportation concepts into K–12 education, augmented by the support of afterschool programs and online educational technologies. The study tackles challenges and explores ways to make learning engaging, using afterschool programs and online tools. Real-world examples show how this education sparks student interest and builds problem-solving skills. Ultimately, results indicate the necessity of a comprehensive approach to empower students for a sustainable and innovative future. By equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and awareness for a rapidly evolving world, educators can cultivate a well-informed, skilled, and innovative future workforce prepared to navigate the complexities of a sustainable and progressive global society.

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