2008: 35th Annual: Poesia, Baile, y Cancion - Austin, TX

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Tuesday, April 1st

Poesía, Baile y Canción: 35th Annual Conference Proceedings

Austin, Texas

Introduction to the 2008 Conference Proceedings – “Poesía, Baile y Canción: The Politics, Implications, and Future of Chicana/os’ Cultural Production”

Mari Castañeda , Editor, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Michael Calderón-Zaks , Co-Editor, University of California - Merced
Gilberto Garcia , Co-Editor, Central Washington University

2008 NACCS Conference, Austin, TX

“La Primavera del Inmigrante”: Media and Voice in the Making of Chicago’s Immigrant Rights’ Movement, 2005-2006

Juan Mora-Torres, DePaul University

2008 NACCS Conference: Opening Plenary Speaker

Looking Beyond “Mow, Blow and Go”: A Case Study of Mexican Immigrant Gardeners in Los Angeles

Alvaro Huerta, University of California - Berkeley

2008 NACCS Conference: Graduate Cervantes Recipient

The Oak Park Redevelopment Plan: Housing Policy Implications for a Community Undergoing Early Stage Gentrification

Joaquin Castañeda, California State University - Sacramento

2008 NACCS Conference: Undergraduate Cervantes Recipient

Chicana Photography: The Power of Place

Ann Marie Leimer, University of Redlands

2008 NACCS Conference: Chicana Plenary Speaker

Too Mex for the Masses: Bringing Mexican Regional Music to Market

Amanda Maria Morrison, University of Texas at Austin

2008 NACCS Conference Presentation

Power to the Panza: The Politics of Panza Positive Cultural Production, a Performance

Virgina Grise, California Institute of the Arts
Irma Mayorga, Florida State University

2008 NACCS Conference Presentation

Latinas in the Kitchen: The Rhetoric of Food and Desire

Elizabeth Kessler, University of Houston

2008 NACCS Conference Presentation

Blaxican Identity: An Exploratory Study of Blacks/Chicanas/os in California

Rebecca Romo, University of California - Santa Barbara

2008 NACCS Conference Presentation

Transnational Knowledge Projects and Failing Racial Etiquette

Sandra Soto, University of Arizona

2008 NACCS Conference Presentation

“María y revolución, eso es lo que ocupa mi corazón”: Love and Liberation in the Prison Writings of Ricardo Flores Magón

Alejandro Wolbert Pérez, University of California - Berkeley

2008 NACCS Conference Presentation

Re-imagining Collectivities: The Mexican Japanese during World War II

Selfa Chew, University of Texas at El Paso

2008 NACCS Conference Presenter

Eusebio Chacón’s Statist Narratives of Nuevo México

Daisy Salazar, University of California - Los Angeles

2008 NACCS Conference Presentation

Indigenous Ecology and Chicanada Coalition Building in the dramatic works of Cherríe Moraga: “Living Models” for a Sustainable Future

Paula Straile-Costa, Ramapo College of New Jersey

2008 NACCS Conference Presentation