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December 2012


Faith-Based Organization, Food environment, Food Policy, Worksite wellness




Creating Healthful Food Environments Through Policy Change: A Toolkit for Faith-Based Organizations provides practical information to members of the faith-based community for use when developing, adopting, and implementing a food and beverage policy within their organization. For the purposes of this Toolkit, the term “food and beverage policy” refers to a policy officially adopted by a faith-based organization (FBO) (e.g., a church, parish, temple, mosque) requiring that the food it purchases, provides, or sells to members and guests meets guidelines established by public health authorities. Such a policy might, for example, indicate the types and kinds and relative amounts of foods served at meetings and events (e.g., “When serving lunch, offer entrées that are baked, broiled, grilled, roasted, or steamed, rather than fried.”) A policy might also specify types and relative amounts of beverages that are served (e.g., “At least 50% of all beverages served must be non-sugar-sweetened beverages, such as water, 100% fruit juice, non-caloric soft drinks or very-low-calorie drink mixes.”) Anyone connected to a faith-based organization can become involved with the policy-making process and can use this Toolkit to help effect organizational change. One does not need a background in nutrition, public health, or even public policy to effect change.

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