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To illuminate our personal experiences during this time of sheltering-in, we will continue our investigation of sonnets as performance texts by writing and acting in our own creations. Held by the structure of the verse, we will create and perform sonnets that communicate our thoughts and feelings about life, loss, survival, resilience, and love during these unprecedented times. We will continue to lend our voices to the verse with specific concentration on embodiment, clarity, personal connection, and the merging of the emotional and intellectual through-line. This collaborative assignment has two parts: a creative writing component, and a skilled performance component.

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Spring 2021

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Social Justice and Democracy and Health, Well-being

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Performing Arts


TA 110


Film and Theatre

Winning Student Authors

Chelsea Megan Cabang & Eric Troughton and Christian Orozco & Chelsea Megan Cabang


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Sonnets in Viral Times