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September 2016

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Physical Review B



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Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Physics


We employ the numerical linked-cluster expansion to study finite-temperature properties of the uniform cubic lattice Hubbard model in the thermodynamic limit for a wide range of interaction strengths and densities. We carry out the expansion to the 9th order and find that the convergence of the series extends to lower temperatures as the strength of the interaction increases, giving us access to regions of the parameter space that are difficult to reach by most other numerical methods. We study the precise trends in the specific heat, the double occupancy, and magnetic correlations at temperatures as low as 0.2 of the hopping amplitude in the strong-coupling regime. We show that in this regime, accurate estimates for transition temperatures to the Néel ordered phase, in agreement with the predicted asymptotic behavior, can be deduced from the low-temperature magnetic structure factor. We also find evidence for possible instability to the magnetically ordered phase away from, but close to, half filling. Our results have important implications for parametrizing fermionic systems in optical lattice experiments and for benchmarking other numerical methods.


This article originally appeared in Physical Review B, volume 94, issue 12, 2016, published by the American Physical Society. ©2016 American Physical Society. The article can also be found online at this link.
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