Comp O with Guest Speaker Melanie Sellar


Melanie Sellar

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Fall 10-3-2017



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What does it mean to "do" international librarianship? It seems at first glance a huge concept, possibly subsuming every kind of library activity and conversation under it. But, as guest lecturer Melanie Sellar, Librarians Without Borders founder, will explore, a closer examination of the term "international librarianship" (IL) yields a much sharper definition. Given that higher education institutions are increasingly formalizing internationalization into their strategic plans and that LIS programs, like the SJSU School of Information, are responding by encouraging the inclusion of more international perspectives throughout the curriculum, it is useful to look at the who, why, and how of international librarianship. IL is indeed a relatively small field that is not understood well. In order for IL to be studied, practiced, and funded in ways that are appropriate to its potential, this guest lecture will discuss some of its misconceptions, and advocate for more intentional, reciprocal, and reflective applications.


international librarianship


Library and Information Science

Comp O with Guest Speaker Melanie Sellar