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June 2005

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Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL)


Library and Information Science Education


Library and Information Science


This is a presentation delivered at the Developing a Digital Libraries Education Program Workshop on June 7th held in conjunction with the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 2005, June 7-11 at Denver, CO. It is based on Coleman's paper titled Beyond Interdisciplinarity, published in D-Lib Magazine, 2002. The D-Lib paper discussed how interdisciplinarity was used as the primary strategy to develop a Knowledge Organization track at the School of Information Resources & Library Science at the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ. Besides highlighting some aspects of the paper, the presentation also draws on two other papers published in D-Lib Magazine "Interactivities" and "Interoperability" to show how the three concepts (interdisciplinarity, interactivity, and interoperability) are being used to teach SIRLS students, involve library practitioners in LIS education, and run a digital repository while providing SIRLS MLS students with an immersive digital library theoretical learning + research & development skills + practical experience. Other ideas presented include: book culture, digital culture, and the concept triangle (concept formation from psychology & linguistics).