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Michele Lucero

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January 2012


Have you ever wondered if you are culturally competent and how important it is in the workplace? Have you ever considered if librarians and your stakeholders are culturally competent and how it impacts you? The 2012 AALL Diversity Symposium this past July addressed just that – with insights from presenter and AALL Diversity Committee member, Michele Lucero.


This article was published by the Houston Area Law Librarians and appeared in HALL Newsletter which is now know as HALL Quarterly, volume 29, issue 5, 2012. The HALL Quarterly and HALL Newsletter are not copyrighted by HALL, however, permission should be sought from the authors and credit given when quoting or photocopying material from this publication. Address usage requests to Dan Donahue, Editor, at newsletter@houstonarealawlibrarians.org.