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Volume 147, Issue 37

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Spring 4-27-2017

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Vicente Serna-Estrada


Communication | Journalism Studies | Mass Communication | Social and Behavioral Sciences


This special edition is a double issue:

  1. Divided
  2. United

From the Editor's note:

In our special issue, you will find that we’re not setting out to create a biased undertone, but we also will not hide what is present in this current political climate. We do not intend to say the world has a clear line of division, but we have set out to highlight and take an in-depth look at the divisions around us at San Jose State and in the Silicon Valley.

Whether it’s the division of gender, sexual orientation, political views or even an ongoing school rivalry, divisions are present.

So why a double issue? Why not go with just “Divided” or “United” as our theme?

Aesop got it right in 620 B.C. when he stated in one of his fables, “United we stand, divided we fall.” They go hand in hand despite seeming like paradoxical universes. We cannot talk about one and not the other. We cannot hide the unity that is present when there is so much division.

Spartan Daily, April 27, 2017

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