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Volume 149, Issue 22

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Fall 10-12-2017

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Kristin Lam


Communication | Journalism Studies | Mass Communication | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Includes Special Section on Censorship.

From the Letter of the Managing Editor, Isabelle Tham:

National news outlets are constantly under threat of censorship, thanks to the current administration’s war against the press.

Censorship happens on the internet and in books. It happens at San Jose State.

Along with other student publications, the Spartan Daily is protected in the state of California by the Leonard Law, an extension of the First Amendment that applies to campuses of higher education.


Censorship of the media restricts us from doing this. Without a free press, a certain administration would be able to get away with passing on information that might be less than factual. Does the phrase “fake news” sound familiar?

We believe in accountability. We believe in reporting the truth.

Spartan Daily, October 12, 2017

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