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We have identified an optically enhanced magnetic phase transition in the newly synthesized organic molecular charge transfer salt, (BEDT-TTF)3Ta2F11 (BEDT-TTF bisethylenedithiolotetrathiafulvalene) by ESR absorption measurements in the X band microwave region. At room temperature, only a doublet state ESR absorption is observed, but below 30 K severa~ tripl~t E.SR absorpti_ons appear. The orientation dependence of the ESR absorption under lllummat10n at energies near the band gaps in the material ( 640 nm, T = 12 to 5 K H0 < 0.34 T) indicates that there are rapid spin exchange processes with times r < w-s; near 7 ~o 5 K.along cert~in ~rystallographic directions with a temperature dependen~e suggesting spm-lattlce relaxation times which proceed via Van Vleck "direct processes." This, to our knowledge, is the first case where the magnetic properties of a charge transfer salt are altered by the interaction with photons of energy equal to the band gaps in a low dimensional solid providing a new, interesting way to investigate these materials.


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