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January 1996

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Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals






Dynamic, phenomena, organic, metal, (BEDT-TTF)3Ta2F11


Chemistry | Physical Chemistry


Dynamic electron spin resonance, ESR measurements suggest that this paramagnetic, layered organic metal behaves similarly to cuprate superconductors. There is a dynamic equilibrium between doublet, D and triplet, T* states near the transition temperature to superconductivity Tc= 10±3 K; antiferromagnetic, AF resonance is observed from room temperature to ≈ 150 K, in this temperature region the temperature dependence of the D Lorentzian ESR line widths obtains a first order rate constant for the disappearance of the state (k1 = 3.5 ×107 e−111/T/s) and T* ESR is not observed, it is detected only below 44 K when the lifetime of AF domains, τAFdecreases below 10-10s; the onset of superconductivity is ascertained by the appearance of an energy loss at exactly H=0 near 10 K and by the magnetization oscillations observed versus H below Tc when the samples are cooled in a non-zero field H; the fourfold increase in the relaxation time τ1 for the half field T* ESR absorption near 10 ±3 K is interpreted using the Gorter phenomenological relation τ1=CH/αH, CH and αH are the heat capacity and. lattice thermal contact coefficient of the spin system, at H.


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