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January 1988


We have prepared compounds with the nominal composition Y1Ba2Cu307-s (6->0, usually identified by the Y,Ba,cu stoichiometry: (1,2,3) and have characterized the materials (in addition to the usual X-ray diffraction and fluorescence) by EMF measurements in the electrochemical cell: Cu/CuBr2 (0.05 Min methanol)/(1,2,3)/Cu or Pt versus temperature from 298 to 150 K. The superconducting transition temperatures were determined using the Meissner effect: in static magnetic fields by weight changes and, in radio frequency fields from 2 to 8 MHz by the power absorption near magnetic fields H = o. The observation of structure in the rf signals near H = O is discussed in light of the current theories that describe the superconductivity in these materials.


Unpublished paper.

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