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March 1995


If l asked what am I doing here? the answer should be that I am here to recount the experience of a condensed matter scientist teaching frontier chemical physics at a so called "Undergraduate Institution with ≈47% Minorities" But should one distinguish undergraduate from graduate ability, minority from non-minority ability to do frontier science that shall benefit everyone? I hope to convince you the answer is no; the title of my address was borrowed from Pope John Paul's recent best seller in order to have the courage to do the job. This attitude is probably no different from anyone else in this room but the flavor is about the experience of students, I have mentored at SJSU, U.C. Berkeley, Stanford University and the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University. But, one should not distinguish among students, B.S./MS./Ph.D. postdoctoral, male/female, minority/non-minority, native/immigrant and/or young/old.


This address was given at the Joint Committees on Minorities and Status of Women of the American Physical Society's March Meeting on March 19, 1995.