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January 2007

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Environmental Engineering Science

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Engineering | Environmental Engineering


Fundamental analysis and kinetics of treatment reactors are major topics in environmental engineering literature. These fundamental topics in reactor processes are well known for the ideal batch reactor, the continuous stirred tank reactor, and the plug flow reactor. The sequencing batch reactors (SBRs) are relatively new in the field, but are widely used. Despite the wide application of sequencing batch reactors in the field, information is lacking on the fundamental analysis and kinetics, especially with comparison to the ideal batch reactor. This report presents analysis and kinetics of the sequencing batch reactors and compares the kinetics equations developed with those of the ideal batch reactor especially for zero-order, first-order, and second-order reactions. A significant result is that the SBRs’ equations for the three re- action orders analyzed become the equations for the ideal batch reactor if the entire reactor volume of a sequencing batch reactor is decanted. The fundamental analysis and the kinetics presented will help enhance the understanding of the sequencing batch reactors and their use in waste treatment.


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