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Contribution to a Book

Publication Date

January 2005

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Intelligent Techniques for Web Personalization


Bamshad Mobasher, Sarabjot Singh Anand






Web personalization is the process of customizing a web site to the needs of each specific user or set of users, taking advantage of the knowledge acquired through the analysis of the user’s navigational behavior. The objective of the I-KnowUMine project (IKUM) is to develop an integrated platform (referred to in the paper as the “IKUM system”) that uses state of the art technology and research results from different application domains in order to provide the basis for the development of online services in a wide range of application areas, presenting personalized content, services and applications to users in a structure more suited to their needs. The benefits provided by the IKUM system result mainly from the combination and integration of technology advances in areas such as Web Mining, Content Management, Personalization and Portals. As a result of this novel combination of these technologies, users of the IKUM system will benefit from the optimal logical structure of information/content provided by the system, allowing them to efficiently execute their processes and to reach their information targets.


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