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The article discusses the issue of inclusion of men and masculinities in the Women's Studies curriculum. Women's Studies programs were started to compensate for the male domination in the academics. Women's Studies presented a platform where scholarship for women was produced and taken seriously, female students and faculty could find their say or voice, and theoretical investigations required for the advancement of the aims of the women's movement could take place. If the academy as a whole does not sufficiently integrate Women's Studies into the curriculum, integrating Men's Studies into Women's Studies might end up further marginalizing Women's Studies by decreasing the number of classroom hours students spend engaging women's lives and feminist scholarship. Such an integration would presents an another form of male privilege, with men manipulating their way into the only branch of scholarship that has consistently focused on women. On a ground level, feminist scholars are apprehensive that a move from a Women's Studies program to a Gender Studies program will reduce the political aspect of women's programs.


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