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Annales, Series Historia et Sociologia




Universities are tasked with providing rigorous education and training for successful entry into disciplinary and professional fields. Their instrumental roles are situated within broader commitments to political communities through cultural stewardship. As such, the process of socializing students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of democratic citizenship is a complementary and acute obligation of institutions of higher education. Student Associations arguably serve as strategic enablers of this key responsibility through their unique identities as laboratories of shared governance. When students participate in co-creating their educational and community experiences, the dividends for learning and development escalate. The deliberative processes and activities of student associations resemble those ideal in the broader civil society and should be supported. We suggest that the respective aspirations and impact of universities and student associations are mutually bound though an experiential curriculum of democratic citizenship. Hence, we propose that it is in universities’ interest to provide and protect funding for student associations and their activities


This article was published in Annales, Series Historia et Sociologia, volume 28, issue 4, 2018 and can also be found online at this link: http://zdjp.si/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/ASHS_28-2018-4_LAKER.pdf. It is included here with the permission of the Editorial Board.