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January 2018

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Communication Studies/Environmental Studies/Geology/Humanities/Meteorology (CEGHM) 168A,B


Many different scientific observations and measurements indicate that Earth is experiencing global-scale changes in climate, i.e., in the long-term distributions of temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, and extreme weather events. Scientific consensus considers most these changes to be caused or accelerated by human activities. The economic, ecological, social, and cultural challenges caused by global climate change will affect everyone on the planet, and are very likely to have disproportionate impacts on developing nations. In this course, we will study global climate change from an interdisciplinary perspective, incorporating natural and social science approaches to understanding processes and effects. We will study the socioeconomic contexts of environmental effects and how globally diverse cultural perspectives influence strategies to mitigate and adapt to climate change.This is a year-long, team-taught course.


Fall 2018-Spring 2019. ENVS 168A-B. Cross-listed with COMM 168A-BSJSU Course Catalog descriptions: