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If you are on the academic job market, particularly in the fields of environmental studies/geography, I would be happy to share tips and questions from phone and on-campus interviews. I realize that Ph.D. advisors should provide this type of coaching, but they don't always do it...and some haven't been on the job market for a long time. It helps to speak to someone who just went through it...and has fresh notes from it! I was so much more prepared and had much more articulated answers by the time I had my 8th phone interview as compared to my first. Some of the questions you are asked are hard to answer on the spot, if you have not already prepared some kind of answer and notes. Since I have received quite a few messages about this, I have put together a document that you can access here. I'd love to know if this is useful to people, or what more they want me to discuss! (Excerpted from Twitter: