Fimbel, Nancie

Fimbel, Nancie

Date Updated




Academic Rank


Year Retired from SJSU


Educational Background

University of Chicago (Divinity School), 1978, Ph.D. & M.A.

Columbia University (Teachers College), 1972, M.A.

Mount Holyoke College, 1968, B.A.

Teaching Experience

College of Business, SJSU 1983-1999

College of Notre Dame (now Notre Dame de Namur University) 1979-1983

Aurora College (now Aurora University) 1977-1979

Administrative and Professional Experience

Associate Vice Provost, Higher Colleges of Technology, United Arab Emirates

Senior Director of Advancement for the College of Business, SJSU

Interim Dean, College of Business (CoB), SJSU

Associate Dean, CoB, SJSU

Director of Graduate Programs, CoB, SJSU

Selected Publications

“Institutional and Curricular Characteristics of Leading Graduate HRD Programs in the United States,” Human Resource Development Quarterly, vol. 13, no. 2, Summer 2002, pp. 145-150.

“Communicating Realistically: Taking Account of Politics in Internal Business Communications,” The Journal of Business Communication, vol 31, no. 1, Jan. 1994, pp. 7-26.

Self Study for WASC, 1994.

“Defining the Ethical Standards of the High-Technology Industry,” Journal of Business Ethics, 9: 929-948, 1990. With Jerome Burstein.

“Issues Arising from Recent WASC Visiting Team Reports of Fifteen CSU Campuses,” written for WASC, May 1990, 12 pages.

“Test Your Business Ethics IQ,” Northern California Executive Review, Spring 1989, pp. 18-23.

Personal Commentary

SJSU changed enormously during the years I was lucky enough to be associated with the institution (1983-2011). Computers were introduced and the University offered classes in word processing, phones became able to take voice messages, copy machines made it possible to give students current articles, and faxes enabled us to send texts instantaneously over long distances. By the time I entered administration full-time (2000), classes included streamed videos and I had experimented with teaching on-line courses, including timed on-line tests—essay as well as multiple choice—and student chat groups.

Off campus the CoB developed relationships with local corporations, holding MBA programs at Apple and FMC, for example. By the time I retired from the Advancement Division of the University (2011), we were reaching out to these same and other local businesses for funding to supplement the steep decreases in state support. Don and Sally Lucas, major donors to CoB, named the College, enabling the CoB to continue to hire the fabulous faculty who contributed to the rise of SJSU’s reputation. Other donors provided money used for enrichment programs: the Thompson international internships, the Sbona honors program, etc. The Neat Ideas Fair, the Banking Institute, the Real Estate Center plus a dozen student clubs all added depth and richness to the student experience.

And I got to see all this unfold! Wow!


Fimbel, Nancie