Lawrence, Clyde

Lawrence, Clyde

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School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Academic Rank


Year Retired from SJSU


Educational Background

CSU, Sacramento 1963, BA, Journalism

Univ. of Oklahoma 1965, MA, Journalism

Teaching Experience

SJSU 1967-2009

Administrative and Professional Experience

Newspaper advertising, Sacramento Union

Corporate PR, Marshall Field

Director, PR, Odessa College (Texas)

Personal Commentary

I was Dwight Bentel’s last faculty hire before he retired from the chairmanship of the department he founded. He liked the idea that I had both advertising layout and print production in my background as well as publishing experience. Consequently, I spent most of my career at SJSU teaching advertising layout and production and tending to the business and production needs of the Spartan Daily as its Business Advisor.

For someone who had always hoped to own his own newspaper, this turned out pretty sweet; for many years I was able to enjoy relationships with other “real” publishers and yet not have their financial worries. I was there when digital production came about and was able to take the Daily to the forefront of the latest print technology. It was a professionally satisfying time and a great deal of fun.

The “new technology” excitement was also prevalent in my classes. The method of preparing advertising layouts and the ability to design in so many new ways was incredibly exciting. I loved my classes and miss my students to this day.

When I’m not travelling, I serve as a Commissioner on the Santa Cruz County Senior Commission. I also enjoy taking care of the layout and production needs of the SJSU ERFA Newsletter.

Retirement is terrific.


Lawrence, Clyde