Halverson, George C. (1914-2005)

Halverson, George C. (1914-2005)

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Organization and Management, School of Business

Academic Rank


Year Retired from SJSU


Educational Background

London School of Economics (Univ. of London), 1952 Ph.D.

Columbia University, 1944 MA

Antioch College, 1938 AB

Teaching Experience

San Jose State University, 1962-1985

University of California (Berkeley), 1952-1956 (Head, Business Administration Extension Programs; Assistant Dean, School of Business 1 yr.)

Administrative and Professional Experience

National Labor Relations Board (1939‑1941; 1948‑1949)

U.S. Bureau of the Budget (Budget Examiner) (1946‑1947)

Ampex Corporation (Coordinator of Management Development (1956‑1961)

Personal Commentary

I find it difficult to write these few words in a way that is acceptable to my faculty friends with whom I have had such little contact in recent years. I regret that apparent withdrawal ( intentional I assure you) from active campus life beyond a few formal or informal occasions.

My wife and I moved with our two children from Berkeley to Los Altos in the mid­1950s, a few years before I joined the SJSU faculty in 1962. We settled in Los Altos to be near her parents and Ampex Corporation where I was then going to be working.

When the occasion arose for me to join the SJSU faculty, I was offered an ideal opportunity to do what I was hoping I could do; that is, spend my remaining active years teaching in an established and respected university, and performing‑‑should the opportunity arise‑‑some relevant administrative tasks as well.

Unfortunately, my wife’s health had begun showing signs of deterioration so we undertook traveling as much as we could in the United States and Canada and, particularly, in Europe, Russia, South America and Africa. Regretfully, we couldn't include the Orient. When not traveling, we tried to spend time in our Sierra cabin‑­summer and winter.

I regret that this way of life (plus the fact that we lived when at home at a fair distance from campus where I had spent so many years commuting daily) resulted in my not maintaining closer informal contacts with the campus and the many associates and friends who lived relatively close by.

Date Completed: 9/96

Adapted from: Biographies of Retired Faculty San Jose State University 1997: A Project of the Emeritus Faculty Association of San Jose State University. San Jose, CA: The University, 1997.


Halverson, George C. (1914-2005)