Chai, Hi-Dong

Chai, Hi-Dong

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Electrical Engineering

Academic Rank


Year Retired from SJSU


Educational Background

University of Texas, Austin, 1960, BSEE

Ohio State University, Columbus, 1962, MSEE

Northeastern University, Boston MA, 1968, PhD, EE

Teaching Experience

Merrimack College 1962-1965

Northeastern University 1965-1968

San José State University 1987-2002

Administrative and Professional Experience

IBM, 1968-1987. Started as staff engineer; retired as senior engineer.

Selected Publications

40 papers presented/published mostly in Incremental Motion Control Systems and Devices Symposium, University of Illinois

"Magnetic Circuit and Formulation of Static Torque for Single-Stack Permanent Magnet and Variable Reluctance Step Motors," 1973 Incremental Motion Control Systems and Devices Symposium, University of Illinois.

"A Mathematical Model for Single-Stack Step Motors," IEEE Transaction on Power Engineering, 1975.

"Technique for Finding Permeance of Toothed Structures of Arbitrary Geometry," 1976 International Conference and Exhibit on Stepping Motors and Systems, University of Leeds, England.

"Magnetic Calculation of Rotating Machinery Using Moment Method," 1978 INTERMAG Conference, Florence, Italy.

Textbook published: Electromechanical Motion Devices, Prentice Hall, 1998.

Inventions: Out of 52 inventions submitted, I believe, 13 filed for the U.S. patents, 39 published in the IBM Invention Disclosure Bulletin.

After retiring I have published (self-published).

  1. Shattered by the Wars (1st edition) by Inspiring Voices
  2. Sustained by Love thru the Wars (2nd edition) by Christian Faith Publishing
  3. Blossoms and Bayonets by Redwood Publishing. This book was co-authored with Jana McBurney-Lin, who is a principal author
  4. Amazing Grace through Depression will be published by Outskirts Press sometime this fall.


Chai, Hi-Dong