Matson, John Orville

Matson, John Orville

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Biological Sciences

Academic Rank


Year Retired from SJSU


Educational Background

California State U, Long Beach, 1966, BA

California State U, Long Beach, 1972, MA

Michigan State University, East Lansing, 1979, PhD

Teaching Experience

Los Angeles Unified School District, 1982-1984

Buena Park High School, 1984-1989

San José State University, 1989-2008

Administrative and Professional Experience

Smithsonian Institution, Field Biologists 1967-1968

Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, 1972-1975

Selected Publications

2008. Coyotes (Canis latrans) in Guatemala. Southwestern Naturalist 53: 507-509. (N. Ordoñez Garza, W. Bulmer, R. P. Eckerlin, and J. O. Matson)

2007. Intrapopulation variation in Ibarra’s Verapaz shrew (Sorex veraepacis ibarrai) from Guatemala. Mammalian Biology. 73: 66-69. (J. O. Matson)

2007. Habitat Partitioning by Two Sympatric Species of Chipmunk (Genus: Neotamias) in the Warner Mountains of California. Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences. 106:208-214. (M. Poffenroth and J. O. Matson)

2006. Misconceptions about the nature of science, inquiry-based instruction, and constructivism: creating confusion in the science classroom. Electronic Journal of Literacy through Science, Volume 5 (6):1-7. (J. O. Matson and S. Parsons)

2005. Distribution, morphometrics, and identification of the Talamancan epaulette bat (Sturnira mordax) of Costa Rica and Panama. Pp. 349-361 in Contribuciones Mastozoológicas en Homenaje a Bernardo Villa, (V. Sánchez-Cordero and R. Medellín, eds). Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. (T. J. McCarthy, J. O. Matson, B. Rodríguez H., and C. O. Handley, Jr.)

2005. A new subspecies of Verapaz shrew (Sorex veraepacis) from Guatemala. Pp. 63-70 in Advances in the Biology of Shrews II (J. F. Merritt, S. Churchfield, R. Hutterer, and B. I. Sheftel, eds.). Special Publication of the International Society of Shrew Biologists, 1. (J. O. Matson & T. J. McCarthy)


Matson, John Orville