Sutton, Ruth M. (1912-1998)

Sutton, Ruth M. (1912-1998)

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Academic Rank

Assistant Professor

Year Retired from SJSU


Educational Background

San Jose State University, 1950 MA

San Jose State University, 1947 BA

Teaching Experience

San Jose State University, 1945-1976

Administrative and Professional Experience

Bookkeeper, Public Relations, Sutton Motor Sales, Los Altos, CA.

Selected Publications

As Bill Leiser Saw It (biography).


"Winnie the Pooh for Mama and Papa"

"Little Stories for Big Boys"

"Requiem for a Sportsman"

Personal Commentary

When I first came to SJSU in 1929, I was a scared little country girl of 17. After two years I married a Stanford student, then devoted the next 25 to raising a family, returning to earn the degrees very gradually, often able to take only one night course at a time. In 1947, I was asked to teach in a new remedial program for students who had flunked the entrance tests in English. From there I moved to the English Department, where I remained, as Head of the old "Writing Center" until I retired in 1976.

Date Completed: 10/96

Adapted from: Biographies of Retired Faculty San Jose State University 1997: A Project of the Emeritus Faculty Association of San Jose State University. San Jose, CA: The University, 1997.


Sutton, Ruth M. (1912-1998)