Pollock, John

Pollock, John

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English & Comparative Literature

Academic Rank


Year Retired from SJSU


Educational Background

UC Davis, 1967, B.A.

UC Davis, 1969, M.A.

UC Davis, 1971, Ph.D.

Teaching Experience

UC Davis, Teaching Associate, 1969-1971

SJSU, Assistant-Full Professor, 1971-2008

Administrative and Professional Experience

Interim Department Chair and Associate Chair for the Department of English & Comparative Literature, SJSU

Selected Publications

“The Black Feet of the Peacock: The Color-Concept ‘Black’ from the Greeks through the Renaissance”

“We Lie Down in Hope: Selections from John Donne’s Meditations on Sickness”

“The Magic Coat: A Christmas Story”

“Words of Consolation from John Donne”

Personal Commentary

Looking back, I find among my proudest accomplishments at SJSU were my representing the School of Humanities & the Arts as a participant in the University’s “Teacher/Scholar” program and my receipt of the School’s annual “Excellence in Teaching Award.” In addition to working with many interesting colleagues and students, I also had the privilege of serving as Interim Chair and Associate Chair of the Department of English & Comparative Literature and as Coordinator of that department’s graduate program for a number of years.

Looking forward, I hope to continue my volunteer work with San Jose’s Adult Literacy program, Partners in Reading, while I pursue some of my hobbies: writing poetry, composing music, sailing, kayaking, bike riding, and hiking. In the meantime, I’m taking much pride and delight in watching my son’s career unfold as he uses his political talents to promote social justice for folks who haven’t enjoyed all the educational and financial advantages and the overall good fortune I and my family have.

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Pollock, John